Pacific Sailing School gave me the opportunity to put my sailing dreams into reality with an accreditation that will cover me around the world no matter where I sail. The team at PSS shared a wealth of blue water knowledge with me, which has certainly prepared me for long distance ocean adventures. Definitely the best sailing school in Australia!!

Sydney, Australia

Terry Wise of Pacific Sailing School advised me to do the Keelboat Crew course which is perfect for people who have done no sailing and are stepping onto a boat for the first time as well as people like me who have done a fair bit of social sailing but know little about the practical skill and art of sailing.

PSS encourages students to get nautical miles under our belts by putting our names on a list and boat owners will call and offer a spot so hours sailing on the water can be accrued.
It’s great to get a better understanding of wind, weather, the temperament of the sea and build confidence in boating skills.

There is plenty of buried treasure in sailing – making new friends, learning new skills and opening up more of the world with a mode of transport that has a long and colourful history. There’s so much more to life than living on land.

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Sydney, Australia

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